About PKF Interiors Ltd.

Our Company:

The perfect kitchen is more than just cabinets, worktops and appliances, it’s a room that reflects your own personality and style – a room for living in. For some, it’s a place to spend hours preparing food for friends and family, or just to enjoy the sheer pleasure of cooking. It’s the setting for so many of those intimate, personal moments that make up our lives and, of course, it’s where all the best parties end up.

Our range of finishes:

We offer a wide range of finishes for your kitchen. For chic style and modern design, look no further than our exclusive range of hand painted doors. If solid wood is more to your taste then out versatile solid oak, pine and birch range will bring a touch of sophistication that will look good in both town and country interiors. For those with more contemporary tastes then solid beech is perfect for the more fashionable kitchen. Whatever your taste, we can offer a range to suit your needs.

The final touch:

Create individual style with a choice of additional accessories and finishing touches. Choose from a wide range of items including designer aluminium finished tambour units. Clever shelving and display solutions or natural wicker baskets. These extras with enhance the look you strive for, whilst also providing functionality within the kitchen environment. If you require further information on our range of products please do not hesitate to contact us.

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